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(psychiatry) the condition of being schizoid or introverted. It encompasses elements of schizophrenia but does not involve the same depth of psychological disturbance


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  • Schizotrichia

    schizotrichia schiz·o·trich·i·a (skĭz’ə-trĭk’ē-ə) n. A splitting of the hairs at the ends.

  • Schizotypal

    adjective pertaining to actual or potential borderline schizophrenia, a condition characterized by cold aloof feelings, eccentric behavior, hallucinations, illusions, and delusions; also called schizotypic

  • Schizotypal-personality

    [skit-suh-tahy-puh l] /ˌskɪt səˈtaɪ pəl/ noun 1. a personality disorder characterized by a group of symptoms similar to but less severe than schizophrenia, as odd behavior, peculiar thinking, and social isolation.

  • Schizotypic

    adjective See schizotypal

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