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[shles-wig-hohl-stahyn; German shleys-vik-hawl-shtahyn] /ˈʃlɛs wɪgˈhoʊl staɪn; German ˈʃleɪs vɪkˈhɔl ʃtaɪn/
two contiguous duchies of Denmark that were a center of international tension in the 19th century: Prussia annexed Schleswig 1864 and Holstein 1866.
a state of N Germany, including the former duchies of Holstein and Lauenburg and part of Schleswig. 6073 sq. mi. (15,728 sq. km).
Capital: Kiel.
/German ˈʃleːsvɪçˈhɔlʃtain/
a state of N Germany: drained chiefly by the River Elbe; mainly agricultural. Capital: Kiel. Pop: 2 823 000 (2003 est). Area: 15 658 sq km (6045 sq miles)


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