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of or relating to , scholars, or education:
scholastic attainments.
of or relating to secondary education or :
a scholastic meet.
of or relating to the medieval schoolmen.
(sometimes initial capital letter) a schoolman, a disciple of the schoolmen, or an adherent of .
a person.
Roman Catholic Church. a student in a scholasticate.
Contemporary Examples

“There was a nice music to his writing,” says Lee Kravitz, his longtime editor at scholastic and then at Parade.
The Death of Co-Author of ‘Three Cups of Tea’ Is Ruled Suicide Michael Daly December 5, 2012

The scholastic pitches finished, the campers returned to their doll designs.
Camp Fashion Design Draws Budding Designers To New York Robin Givhan July 12, 2012

But how should scholastic handle their readers who have long since grown up?
The Baby-Sitters Club’s New Cult Tali Yahalom March 26, 2010

I had an idea for a movie and I had a meeting with scholastic Publishing because they have a movie division.
Bob Balaban: How I Write Noah Charney February 4, 2014

scholastic Press editorial director David Levithan recalled his hesitation to the premise.
The Next Twilight Denise Martin August 27, 2010

Historical Examples

The doctrine of formal discipline in education is the natural counterpart of the scholastic method.
Democracy and Education John Dewey

He cared little how much he imparted of scholastic knowledge.
Shelley, Godwin and Their Circle H. N. Brailsford

Abelard was proud and ambitious, and the highest prizes of an ecclesiastical and scholastic career seemed within his grasp.
The Story of Paris Thomas Okey

He brought with him also the scholastic type in use in 1499.
A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1898 Henry R. Plomer

This is the scholastic maxim: entia praeter necessitatem non esse multiplicanda.
A Commentary to Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ Norman Kemp Smith

of, relating to, or befitting schools, scholars, or education
pedantic or precise
(often capital) characteristic of or relating to the medieval Schoolmen
a student or pupil
a person who is given to quibbling or logical subtleties; pedant
(often capital) a disciple or adherent of scholasticism; Schoolman

a Jesuit student who is undergoing a period of probation prior to commencing his theological studies
the status and position of such a student

a formalist in art

1590s, “of or pertaining to Scholastic theologians” (Churchmen in the Middle Ages whose theology and philosophy was based on Church Fathers and Aristotle), from Middle French scholastique (14c.), from Latin scholasticus “of a school,” from Greek skholastikos “enjoying leisure; devoting one’s leisure to learning,” hence, as a noun, “a scholar,” also in a bad sense, “a pedant; a simpleton,” from skhola (see school (n.1)). In English, meaning “pertaining to schools or to school education” is from 1640s. As a noun from 1640s. Related: Scholastical (1530s in the “relating to a school” sense); scholastically.


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