[ahr-nuh ld;; German ahr-nuh lt] /ˈɑr nəld;; German ˈɑr nəlt/ (Show IPA), 1874–1951, Austrian composer in the U.S.
Historical Examples

schonberg, too, was known to be as good a skater as Hammond had had for many years.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

schonberg, Mr. his attempts to engrave in metallic relief, 634.
A Treatise on Wood Engraving John Jackson

schonberg went to the ice and his stick flew out of his hand while Roy flew on with the puck slipping along in front of him.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

If you have any idea, schonberg, that you’ve got an easy thing—well, just try it.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

Already schonberg was half way across to them, heading for where they stood at the up-stream end of the snow-ice.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

I don’t know of any fellow who would stand the ghost of a chance against that chap schonberg.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

schonberg told him to dry up and Jim splashed him with water, but he of the spectacles would not be stilled.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

Harry bowed gravely in her best society manner and schonberg made a futile grab at his knit cap.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

schonberg was well up-stream from her, but no nearer the finish, for he had gone out of his way to avoid the weak ice.
The Crimson Sweater Ralph Henry Barbour

Thou knowest I married one of the schonberg girls, as did thy father.
The Twins of Table Mountain and Other Stories Bret Harte

See Schoenberg

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