[skool-fel-oh] /ˈskulˌfɛl oʊ/
a schoolmate.

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  • School-figure

    noun 1. (in ice skating) any one of a group of sixty-nine different figures, skated in two- or three-circle figure-eight patterns, used to test various skating movements, a skater usually being required to perform six selected ones in competition.

  • School-for-scandal

    noun 1. a comedy of manners (1777) by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

  • Schoolgirl

    noun 1. a girl attending school.

  • Schoolgirl complexion

    Fresh, glowing, unblemished skin, as in She’s fifty but she still has her schoolgirl complexion. This expression, alluding to the beauty of young skin, was invented for an advertising campaign for Palmolive Soap, which ran from about 1923 through the 1930s and claimed to preserve one’s schoolgirl complexion.

  • Schoolhouse

    noun, plural schoolhouses [skool-hou-ziz] /ˈskulˌhaʊ zɪz/ (Show IPA) 1. a building in which a school is conducted. noun 1. a building used as a school, esp a rural school 2. a house attached to a school

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