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[skool-mis-tris] /ˈskulˌmɪs trɪs/
a woman who presides over or teaches in a school.
a woman who teaches in or runs a school


Read Also:

  • School of arts

    noun 1. (Austral) a public building in a small town, originally one used for adult education

  • School-of-hard-knocks

    noun 1. the experience gained from living, especially from disappointment and hard work, regarded as a means of education: The only school he ever attended was the school of hard knocks. school of hard knocks The practical experience of life, including hardship and disappointments. For example, A self-made man, he never went to college but […]

  • School-of-law

    noun 1. (in Chinese philosophy) a Neo-Confucian school asserting the existence of transcendent universals, which form individual objects from a primal matter otherwise formless.

  • School-of-mind

    noun 1. (in Chinese philosophy) a Neo-Confucian school asserting the original unity of all things, to be grasped through the perfect attainment of jen.

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