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the material studied in or for school, comprising homework and work done in class.


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  • Schoolyard

    noun 1. a playground or sports field near a school.

  • School-year

    noun 1. the months of the year during which school is open and attendance at school is required. 2. academic year. noun 1. a twelve-month period, (in Britain) usually starting in late summer and continuing for three terms until the following summer, during which pupils remain in the same class 2. the time during this […]

  • Schooner

    noun 1. Nautical. any of various types of sailing vessel having a foremast and mainmast, with or without other masts, and having fore-and-aft sails on all lower masts. See also ketch, topsail schooner, yawl1 (def 2). 2. a very tall glass, as for beer. 3. prairie schooner. noun 1. a sailing vessel with at least […]

  • Schooner rig

    noun 1. (nautical) a rig in which the mainmast is taller than the foremast

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