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schwannoma schwan·no·ma (shwä-nō’mə)

See neurofibroma.

See neurilemoma.


Read Also:

  • Schwannosis

    schwannosis schwan·no·sis (shwä-nō’sĭs) n. A non-neoplastic proliferation of Schwann cells in the spaces around the blood vessels of the spinal cord.

  • Schwarmerei

    noun, (sometimes lowercase) German. 1. excessive enthusiasm or sentimentality.

  • Schwartz

    noun 1. Delmore [del-mawr,, -mohr] /ˈdɛl mɔr,, -moʊr/ (Show IPA), 1913–1966, U.S. poet, short-story writer, and critic.

  • Schwarz

    noun 1. Hermann Amandus [her-mahn ah-mahn-doo s] /ˈhɛr mɑn ɑˈmɑn dʊs/ (Show IPA), 1843–1921, German mathematician.

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