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or scissor jack
a horizontal screw that raises or lowers a hinged, diamond-shaped frame.


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  • Scissors-kick

    noun, Swimming. 1. a propelling motion of the legs in which they move somewhat like the blades of a pair of scissors, used in the sidestroke. scissors kick noun 1. a type of swimming kick used esp in the sidestroke, in which one leg is moved forward and the other bent back and they are […]

  • Scissors-truss

    noun 1. a roof truss having tension members extending from the foot of each principal rafter to a point on the upper half of its opposite member.

  • Scissortail

    noun 1. Also called scissortailed flycatcher [siz-er-teyld] /ˈsɪz ərˌteɪld/ (Show IPA). a flycatcher, Muscivora forficatus, of the southern U.S., Mexico, and Central America, having a long, deeply forked tail. 2. any of various other birds having a long, forked tail.

  • Scissura

    scissura scis·su·ra (sĭ-sur’ə) n. pl. scis·su·rae (sĭ-sur’ē) A cleft or fissure.

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