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Score off

(intransitive, preposition) to gain an advantage at someone else’s expense


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  • Score out

    verb 1. (transitive, adverb) to delete or cancel by marking through with a line or lines; cross out

  • Scorepad

    noun 1. a pad whose sheets are printed with headings, vertical or horizontal lines, symbols, or the like, to facilitate the recording of scores in a game, as bowling or bridge.

  • Scorer

    noun, plural scores, score for 11. 1. the record of points or strokes made by the competitors in a game or match. 2. the total points or strokes made by one side, individual, play, game, etc. 3. an act or instance of making or earning a point or points. 4. Education, Psychology. the performance of […]

  • Scoresby-sound

    [skawrz-bee] /ˈskɔrz bi/ noun 1. a heavily indented arm of the Norwegian Sea in E Greenland.

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