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[skoch-ahy-rish] /ˈskɒtʃˈaɪ rɪʃ/
(used with a plural verb) the descendants of the Lowland Scots who were settled in Ulster in the 17th century.
of or relating to the Scotch-Irish.
of mixed Scottish and Irish descent.


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  • Scotchman

    noun, plural Scotchmen. 1. Sometimes Offensive. Scotsman. 2. (lowercase) lingcod. noun (pl) -men 1. (regarded as bad usage by the Scots) another word for Scotsman

  • Scotch-mist

    noun 1. a combination of mist or fog and drizzle, occurring frequently in Scotland and parts of England. 2. a cocktail made by pouring Scotch whisky over finely crushed ice. noun 1. a heavy wet mist 2. drizzle

  • Scotch pancake

    noun 1. another name for drop scone

  • Scotch-pine

    noun 1. a pine, Pinus sylvestris, of Eurasia, having a reddish trunk and twisted, bluish-green needles.

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