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a tall, prickly plant, Onopordum acanthium, native to Eurasia, having stems and leaves covered with cottony down and solitary purple flower heads: the national emblem of Scotland.


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  • Scotch-verdict

    noun 1. a verdict of not proven: acceptable in certain cases in Scottish criminal law. 2. any inconclusive decision or declaration.

  • Scotch-whisky

    noun 1. whiskey distilled in Scotland, especially from malted barley in a pot still.

  • Scotch-woodcock

    noun 1. toast spread with anchovy paste and topped with loosely scrambled eggs. Scotch woodcock noun 1. hot toast spread with anchovies or anchovy paste and topped with creamy scrambled eggs

  • Scoter

    noun, plural scoters (especially collectively) scoter. 1. any of the large diving ducks of the genus Melanitta, inhabiting northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere. noun (pl) -ters, -ter 1. any sea duck of the genus Melanitta, such as M. nigra (common scoter), of northern regions. The male plumage is black with white patches around the […]

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