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scotophilia sco·to·phil·i·a (skō’tə-fĭl’ē-ə)
See nyctophilia.


Read Also:

  • Scotophilic

    adjective, Biology. 1. living and flourishing in darkness. 2. pertaining to the part of the circadian cycle when light does not affect reproduction.

  • Scotophobia

    scotophobia sco·to·pho·bi·a (skō’tə-fō’bē-ə) n. See nyctophobia.

  • Scotophobin

    noun 1. a peptide isolated from the brains of rats conditioned to avoid darkness, alleged to induce a dark-avoidance response in untrained rats, mice, and other animals.

  • Scotopia

    noun, Ophthalmology. 1. vision in dim light (opposed to photopia). noun 1. the ability of the eye to adjust for night vision scotopia sco·to·pi·a (skə-tō’pē-ə) n. See scotopic vision.

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