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noun, Scot.
abundance; plenty.
opportunity; scope.


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  • Scouthood

    noun 1. (sometimes initial capital letter) the state of being a scout, especially a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout. 2. the qualities or spirit of the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts.

  • Scouting

    noun 1. an act or instance of reconnoitering; reconnaissance. 2. the activities of a scout or scouts. 3. (often initial capital letter) the program of activities of the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts. noun 1. a soldier, warship, airplane, etc., employed in reconnoitering. 2. a person sent out to obtain information. 3. Sports. a […]

  • Scout leader

    noun 1. the leader of a troop of Scouts

  • Scoutmaster

    noun 1. the leader or officer in charge of a band of scouts. 2. the adult leader of a troop of Boy Scouts. noun 1. a former name for Scout Leader

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