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Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments


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  • Scpi consortium

    body A body established to promote Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments. Address: 8380 Hercules Drive, Suite P3, La Mesa, CA 91942, USA. SCPI in Europe (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/acea/scpi_uk.htm). Address: ACEA, P.O. Box 134, 7640 AC Wierden The Netherlands. Telephone: +31 546 577 994. E-mail: . (1999-01-05)

  • SCPO

    1. senior chief petty officer. SCPO senior chief petty officer

  • Scqf

    abbreviation (in Scotland) 1. Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

  • SCR

    Electronics. 1. silicon-controlled rectifier. 1. scruple. abbreviation 1. (in British universities) senior common room 2. silicon controlled rectifier abbreviation 1. scruple (unit of weight) SCR 1. Seychelles-rupee (currency) 2. skin conductance response 3. standard class rate 4. stripchart recorder 5. sustainable cell rate scr. scruple

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