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Scratch up

scrape up


Read Also:

  • Scratch video

    noun 1. the technique or practice of recycling images from films or television to make collages

  • Scratch-wig

    noun 1. a short wig, especially one that covers only part of the head.

  • Scratchy

    adjective, scratchier, scratchiest. 1. causing or liable to cause a slight grating noise: a scratchy record. 2. consisting of or marked by scratches: a scratchy drawing. 3. uneven; haphazard: He plays a scratchy game. 4. causing itching or other minor irritation of the skin: a scratchy woolen sweater. 5. causing or liable to cause a […]

  • Scraw

    noun 1. (Irish) a sod from the surface of a peat bog or from a field

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