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a block or post of wood, usually covered with carpeting, on which a cat can use its claws.


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  • Scratchless

    verb (used with object) 1. to break, mar, or mark the surface of by rubbing, scraping, or tearing with something sharp or rough: to scratch one’s hand on a nail. 2. to dig, scrape, or tear (something) out or off with or as if with the nails, claws, etc.: to scratch the burs off one’s […]

  • Scratch-line

    noun 1. a line that marks the start of a race. 2. Track and Field. a line that a competitor is not allowed to step over while performing in certain events, as the triple jump or javelin throw.

  • Scratch monkey

    humour As in “Before testing or reconfiguring, always mount a scratch monkey”, a proverb used to advise caution when dealing with irreplaceable data or devices. Used to refer to any scratch volume hooked to a computer during any risky operation as a replacement for some precious resource or data that might otherwise get trashed. This […]

  • Scratch-off

    adjective designating a card, ticket, etc. with a coating that when scratched reveals writing, numbers, scent, etc. Examples The scratch-off card is used for lottery games, quizzes, and to conceal PINs for telephone calling cards and other prepaid services. noun See scratch-off Word Origin 1964 Usage Note also scratch-off , (n.)

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