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a plastic or metal plate attached to the front of a guitar to protect it from pick scratches


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  • Scratchproof

    [skrach-proof] /ˈskrætʃˌpruf/ adjective 1. resistant to scratches.

  • Scratch-sheet

    noun 1. a racing publication giving the betting odds and other information on the horses entered at a racetrack or racetracks during a racing day. scratch sheet noun 1. (US & Canadian, informal) another term for a dope sheet scratch sheet

  • Scratch-test

    noun 1. a test for a suspected allergy in which the skin is scratched and an allergen applied to the area, redness indicating a positive reaction. scratch test noun 1. (med) a skin test to determine allergic sensitivity to various substances by placing the allergen to be tested over an area of lightly scratched skin. […]

  • Scratch the surface

    Investigate or treat something superficially, as in This feed-the-hungry program only scratches the surface of the problem, or Her survey course barely scratches the surface of economic history. This metaphoric term transfers shallow markings made in a stone or other material to a shallow treatment of a subject or issue. [ Early 1900s ]

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