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adjective, scrawlier, scrawliest.
written or drawn awkwardly or carelessly.


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  • Scrawny

    adjective, scrawnier, scrawniest. 1. excessively thin; lean; scraggy: a long, scrawny neck. adjective scrawnier, scrawniest 1. very thin and bony; scraggy 2. meagre or stunted: scrawny vegetation scrawny

  • Scrawp

    verb 1. (Midland English, dialect) to scratch (the skin) to relieve itching

  • Screak

    verb (used without object) 1. to screech. 2. to creak. noun 3. a screech. 4. a creak. verb 1. (intransitive) to screech or creak noun 2. a screech or creak

  • Scream

    verb (used without object) 1. to utter a loud, sharp, piercing cry. 2. to emit a shrill, piercing sound: The sirens and whistles screamed. 3. to laugh immoderately or uncontrollably: The comedian had the audience screaming. 4. to shout or speak shrilly, especially with harsh or exaggerated words: They screamed across the back fence. 5. […]

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