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  • Screenless

    noun 1. a movable or fixed device, usually consisting of a covered frame, that provides shelter, serves as a partition, etc. 2. a permanent, usually ornamental partition, as around the choir of a church or across the hall of a medieval house. 3. a specially prepared, light-reflecting surface on which motion pictures, slides, etc., may […]

  • Screen-memory

    noun, Psychoanalysis. 1. a childhood memory, perhaps recalled falsely, that screens out a more distressing recollection. screen memory noun 1. (psychoanal) a memory that is tolerable but allied to a distressing event and which is unconsciously used to hide the distressing memory screen memory n. In psychoanalysis, the memory of an unacceptable but tolerable experience […]

  • Screen-name

    noun, Digital Technology. 1. a unique sequence of characters that a person chooses to use for identification purposes when interacting with others online, as in computer games, instant messaging, or forums.

  • Screeno

    noun 1. (sometimes initial capital letter) (formerly) bingo played in a movie theater.

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