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a person who practices scripophily.


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  • Scripophily

    noun 1. the collecting by hobbyists of old stock certificates and bonds that have no intrinsic value other than their aesthetic appeal or relative rarity. noun 1. the hobby of collecting bonds and share certificates, esp those of historical interest noun the collection of old financial documents, such as stock and bond certificates Word Origin […]

  • Scripps

    noun 1. Edward Wyllis [wil-is] /ˈwɪl ɪs/ (Show IPA), 1854–1926, U.S. newspaper publisher.

  • Scripsit

    verb, Latin. 1. he wrote (it); she wrote (it).

  • Screen peace

    tool A screen saver for Microsoft Windows by Anthony Andersen. Released as charityware. It can load extension modules with filename extension “.SPX”. Some modules (ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/computing/systems/ibmpc/windows3/desktop/spx2.zip). (1997-11-23)

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