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Often, Scriptures. Also called Holy Scripture, Holy Scriptures. the sacred writings of the Old or New Testaments or both together.
(often lowercase) any writing or book, especially when of a sacred or religious nature.
(sometimes lowercase) a particular passage from the Bible; text.
Contemporary Examples

His first witness: an FLDS man who read passages of Scripture.
Polygamy Meets Big Brother Carol McKinley August 3, 2011

The equivalence between comic books and Scripture is telling of how seriously canon is taken by these fans.
DC Comics’ Diversity Crisis: Why the Status Quo Rules Liz Watson July 19, 2014

Scripture tells us: There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells.
Obama’s Arizona Speech: Video and Text The Daily Beast January 12, 2011

The preacher read a short verse of Scripture, then said a prayer.
John Grisham’s First Short Story: Part Two John Grisham October 25, 2009

Father Costantino spoke in his sermon of the need to shun false idols such as the Golden Calf of Scripture.
A Tour of St. Francis Xavier, a Potential New Church for Katie Holmes Michael Daly July 10, 2012

Historical Examples

Clearly, the doctrine in question is not based on the words of Scripture.
The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church G. H. Gerberding

But still they are dealt with separately in Scripture, and I follow the guidance.
Expositions of Holy Scripture Alexander Maclaren

If so, the phrase “eternal justice” should be stricken from Scripture and literature, and “infamous injustice” substituted.
The Vitality of Mormonism–Brief Essays James E. Talmage

In Scripture we meet with manifestations of prophecy which are akin to madness.
The Preacher and His Models James Stalker

All Scripture regards man as of twofold nature, the outward and the inward, of which the latter is the more precious.
The Expositor’s Bible: The Epistles of St. Peter J. Rawson Lumby

a sacred, solemn, or authoritative book or piece of writing
(Christianity) Also called Holy Scripture, Holy Writ, the Scriptures. the Old and New Testaments
any book or body of writings, esp when regarded as sacred by a particular religious group

early 14c., “the sacred writings of the Bible;” mid-14c., “a writing, an act of writing, written characters,” from Late Latin scriptura “the writings contained in the Bible, a passage from the Bible,” in classical Latin “a writing, character, inscription,” from scriptus, past participle of scribere “write” (see script (n.)).

invariably in the New Testament denotes that definite collection of sacred books, regarded as given by inspiration of God, which we usually call the Old Testament (2 Tim. 3:15, 16; John 20:9; Gal. 3:22; 2 Pet. 1:20). It was God’s purpose thus to perpetuate his revealed will. From time to time he raised up men to commit to writing in an infallible record the revelation he gave. The “Scripture,” or collection of sacred writings, was thus enlarged from time to time as God saw necessary. We have now a completed “Scripture,” consisting of the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament canon in the time of our Lord was precisely the same as that which we now possess under that name. He placed the seal of his own authority on this collection of writings, as all equally given by inspiration (Matt. 5:17; 7:12; 22:40; Luke 16:29, 31). (See BIBLE ØT0000580; CANON.)


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