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noun, plural scrota
[skroh-tuh] /ˈskroʊ tə/ (Show IPA), scrotums. Anatomy.
the pouch of skin that contains the testes.
noun (pl) -ta (-tə), -tums
the pouch of skin containing the testes in most mammals

scrotum scro·tum (skrō’təm)
n. pl. scro·tums or scro·ta (-tə)
The musculocutaneous sac that encloses the testes and is formed of skin, a network of nonstriated muscular fibers, cremasteric fascia, the cremaster muscle, and the serous coverings of the testes and epididymides.
scro’tal (skrōt’l) adj.
Plural scrota or scrotums
The external sac of skin that encloses the testes in most mammals. The scrotum keeps the testes at the optimal temperature (slightly below body temperature) for producing sperm.
scrotum [(skroh-tuhm)]

The external pouch or sac located behind the penis. The scrotum contains the testes. (See reproductive systems.)


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  • Scrotal hernia

    scrotal hernia n. A complete inguinal hernia that is located in the scrotum. Also called oscheohydrocele, scrotocele.

  • Scrotal septum

    scrotal septum n. An incomplete wall of connective tissue and nonstriated muscle dividing the scrotum into two sacs, each containing a testis.

  • Scrotal tongue

    scrotal tongue n. See furrowed tongue.

  • Scrote

    noun (slang) 1. (derogatory) a worthless fellow 2. another word for scrotum

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