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verb (used with object), scrounged, scrounging.
to borrow (a small amount or item) with no intention of repaying or returning it:
to scrounge a cigarette.
to gather together by foraging; seek out:
We’ll try to scrounge enough food for supper from the neighbors.
verb (used without object), scrounged, scrounging.
to borrow, especially a small item one is not expected to return or replace.
a habitual borrower; sponger.
an act or instance of scrounging.
a person who exists by foraging.
Verb phrases
scrounge around, to search or forage for something, especially in a haphazard or disorganized fashion; hunt for:
We scrounged around for something to eat.
verb (informal)
when intr, sometimes foll by around. to search in order to acquire (something) without cost
to obtain or seek to obtain (something) by cadging or begging


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    scrounge Find or round up something, as in I’ll have to scrounge up another microphone for today’s speaker. [ ; c. 1900 ]

  • Scroungy

    adjective, scroungier, scroungiest. 1. given to or characterized by scrounging. 2. shabby or slovenly: scroungy clothes. scroungy

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