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any of several oaks, as Quercus ilicifolia and Q. prinoides, characterized by a scrubby manner of growth, usually found in dry, rocky soil.


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  • Scrub-pine

    noun 1. any of several pines, as the jack pine, characterized by a scrubby or irregular manner of growth, usually found in dry, sandy soil.

  • Scrub round

    verb 1. (intransitive, preposition) (informal) to waive; avoid or ignore: we can scrub round the rules

  • Scrubs

    verb (used with object), scrubbed, scrubbing. 1. to rub hard with a brush, cloth, etc., or against a rough surface in washing. 2. to subject to friction; rub. 3. to remove (dirt, grime, etc.) from something by hard rubbing while washing. 4. Chemistry. to remove (impurities or undesirable components) from a gas by chemical means, […]

  • Scrub-suit

    noun 1. a loose-fitting, usually two-piece garment, often of green cotton, worn by surgeons and assisting personnel in an operating room.

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