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adjective (Irish, dialect)
same as scunnered


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  • Scunge

    verb 1. to borrow noun 2. a dirty or worthless person 3. a person who borrows, esp habitually noun a dirty or despicable person or place Examples Look at that old scunge on the park bench. Word Origin 1912 Usage Note derogatory slang scunge

  • Scungilli

    noun a large marine whelk or conch eaten as food Examples Scungilli is often served in marinara sauce, made into a cold salad, poured over spaghetti, or ground up for fritters. Word Origin by 1953 Usage Note cooking

  • Scungy

    adjective scungier, scungiest 1. (Austral & NZ, informal) miserable; sordid; dirty

  • Scunner

    noun 1. an irrational dislike; loathing: She took a scunner to him. verb (used without object) 2. Scot. and North England. to feel or show violent disgust, especially to flinch, blanch, or gag. verb (used with object) 3. Scot. and North England. to disgust; nauseate. verb 1. (intransitive) to feel aversion 2. (transitive) to produce […]

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