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noun, plural scutella
[skyoo-tel-uh] /skyuˈtɛl ə/ (Show IPA)
Botany. the shieldlike cotyledon of certain monocots.
Zoology. a small plate, scutum, or other shieldlike part, as on the thorax of insects or the feet of birds.
noun (biology) (pl) -la (-lə)
the last of three plates into which the notum of an insect’s thorax is divided
one of the scales on the tarsus of a bird’s leg
an outgrowth from a germinating grass seed that probably represents the cotyledon
any other small shield-shaped part or structure
Plural scutella

A shieldlike bony plate or scale, as on the thorax of some insects.

The large, shield-shaped cotyledon of the embryo of a grass plant, specialized for the absorption of food from the endosperm.


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