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being in the shape of a cup; cup-shaped.


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  • Scyphi-

    1. a combining form representing scyphus, in compound words: scyphiform.

  • Scyphiform

    adjective, Botany. 1. shaped like a cup or goblet. adjective 1. shaped like a cup or goblet: a scyphiform cell

  • Scyphistoma

    noun, plural scyphistomae [sahy-fis-tuh-mee] /saɪˈfɪs təˌmi/ (Show IPA), scyphistomas. 1. a stage in the life cycle of a jellyfish or other scyphozoan when it is fixed in place and reproduces asexually to produce free-swimming medusas. noun (pl) -mae (-ˌmiː), -mas 1. a sessile hydra-like individual representing the polyp stage of scyphozoans. It produces forms which […]

  • Scyphoid

    scyphoid scy·phoid (sī’foid’) adj. Having the shape of a cup.

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