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born in or of the sea, as naiads.
produced in or rising from the sea, as reefs.


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  • Seaborne

    adjective 1. transported by ship over the sea. 2. carried on or over the sea: a seaborne fog; seaborne cargoes. adjective 1. carried on or by the sea 2. transported by ship

  • Sea-bread

    noun 1. ship biscuit; hardtack.

  • Sea-bream

    noun 1. any of numerous marine sparid fishes, as Pagellus centrodontus, inhabiting waters off the coasts of Europe. 2. a porgy, Archosargus rhomboidalis, inhabiting the Atlantic Ocean. noun 1. any sparid fish, esp Pagellus centrodontus, of European seas, valued as a food fish

  • Sea-breeze

    noun 1. a thermally produced wind blowing from a cool ocean surface onto adjoining warm land. noun 1. a wind blowing from the sea to the land, esp during the day when the land surface is warmer sea breeze definition The breeze that blows from the sea toward the land during the day, as air […]

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