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a striking change, as in appearance, often for the better.
any major transformation or alteration.
a transformation brought about by the sea.
a seemingly magical change, as brought about by the action of the sea


Read Also:

  • Sea-chest

    noun, Nautical. 1. a fitting in a hull below the water line, for admitting or discharging water. 2. a chest for the personal belongings of a sailor. noun 1. a usually large firm chest used by a sailor for storing personal property

  • Seacoast

    noun 1. the land immediately adjacent to the sea. noun 1. land bordering on the sea; a coast

  • Seacock

    noun, Nautical. 1. a valve in the hull of a vessel for admitting outside water into some part of the hull, as a ballast tank. noun 1. (nautical) a valve in the hull of a vessel below the water line for admitting sea water or for pumping out bilge water

  • Sea-cow

    noun 1. any sirenian, as the manatee or dugong. 2. Obsolete. the hippopotamus. noun 1. any sirenian mammal, such as a dugong or manatee 2. an archaic name for walrus sea cow

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