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another name for the ormer (sense 1)


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  • Sea-elephant

    noun 1. elephant seal. sea elephant noun 1. another name for elephant seal

  • Sea-fan

    noun 1. any of certain anthozoans, especially Gorgonia flabellum, of the West Indies, in which the colony assumes a fanlike form. noun 1. any of various corals of the genus Gorgonia and related genera, having a treelike or fan-shaped horny skeleton: order Gorgonacea (gorgonians)

  • Seafarer

    noun 1. a sailor. 2. a traveler on the sea. noun 1. a traveller who goes by sea 2. a less common word for sailor

  • Seafaring

    adjective 1. traveling by sea. 2. following the sea as a trade, business, or calling. 3. of, relating to, or occurring during a voyage on the sea. noun 4. the business or calling of a sailor. 5. traveling by sea. adjective (prenominal) 1. travelling by sea 2. working as a sailor noun 3. the act […]

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