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a porpoise.


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  • Sea-holly

    noun 1. the eryngo, Eryngium maritimum. noun 1. a European umbelliferous plant, Eryngium maritimum, of sandy shores, having spiny bluish-green stems and blue flowers

  • Sea-hollyhock

    noun 1. a rose mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos.

  • Sea-horse

    noun 1. any fish of the genus Hippocampus, of the pipefish family, having a prehensile tail, an elongated snout, and a head bent at right angles to the body. 2. a fabled marine animal with the foreparts of a horse and the hind parts of a fish. 3. a walrus. noun 1. any marine teleost […]

  • Seahp

    SEAHP Southeast Asian Health Project

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