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Seagoing bellhop

seagoing bellhop


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  • Sea-gooseberry

    noun 1. a comb jelly, especially of the genus Pleurobrachia. sea gooseberry noun 1. any of various ctenophores of the genus Pleurobrachia and related genera, having a rounded body with longitudinal rows of cilia and hairlike tentacles

  • Sea-grape

    noun 1. a tropical American tree, Coccoloba uvifera, of the buckwheat family, bearing grapelike clusters of edible purple berries. 2. the fruit itself. 3. a gulfweed.

  • Sea-green

    noun 1. a clear, light, bluish green. noun 1. a moderate green colour, sometimes with a bluish or yellowish tinge (as adjective): a sea-green carpet

  • Seagull

    noun 1. a gull, especially any of the marine species. noun 1. a popular name for gull1 2. (NZ) a casual wharf labourer who is not a trade-union member

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