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designed or fit for going to sea, as a vessel.
going to sea; seafaring.
the activity of a person who travels by sea.
intended for or used at sea


Read Also:

  • Sea-girt

    noun 1. surrounded by the sea. adjective 1. (literary) surrounded by the sea

  • Seamster

    noun 1. a person whose occupation is sewing; tailor.

  • Seamstress

    noun 1. a woman whose occupation is sewing. noun 1. a woman who sews and makes clothes, esp professionally

  • Seamy

    adjective, seamier, seamiest. 1. unpleasant or sordid; low; disagreeable: the seamy side of life. 2. having, showing, or of the nature of a seam. adjective seamier, seamiest 1. showing the least pleasant aspect; sordid 2. (esp of the inner side of a garment) showing many seams

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