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Sealed road

(Austral & NZ) a road surfaced with bitumen or some other hard material


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  • Sealed unit

    noun 1. a hard disk that is permanently sealed to prevent damage to the read/write head See also Winchester disk

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  • Sealer

    noun 1. an officer appointed to examine and test weights and measures, and to set a stamp upon such as are true to the standard. 2. a substance applied to a porous surface as a basecoat for paint, varnish, etc. noun 1. a person or ship engaged in hunting seals. noun 1. a person or […]

  • Sealery

    noun, plural sealeries. 1. a place where seals are caught. 2. the occupation of hunting or taking seals. noun (pl) -eries 1. the occupation of hunting seals 2. any place where seals are regularly to be found, esp a seal rookery

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