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a male given name, form of John.


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  • Seanad-eireann

    [shawn-uh d ey-ruh n] /ˈʃɔn əd ˈeɪ rən/ noun 1. the upper house of the parliament of the Republic of Ireland. Compare Oireachtas (def 1). Seanad Éireann /ˈʃænəð ˈeːrən/ noun 1. (in the Republic of Ireland) the upper chamber of parliament; the Senate

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    noun 1. a meeting in which a spiritualist attempts to communicate with the spirits of the dead. 2. a session or sitting, as of a class or organization. noun 1. a meeting at which spiritualists attempt to receive messages from the spirits of the dead 2. a meeting of a society

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    noun 1. any large, stinging jellyfish.

  • Sea-oats

    noun 1. a tall grass, Uniola paniculata, of coastal areas of southeastern North America, having as its inflorescence a densely crowded panicle, used to control sand erosion.

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