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an airplane provided with floats for taking off from or landing on water.
any aircraft that lands on and takes off from water Also called (esp US) hydroplane


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  • Sea-poacher

    noun 1. poacher1 (def 2).

  • Sea-poppy

    noun 1. horn poppy.

  • Seaport

    noun 1. a port or harbor on or accessible to a seacoast and providing accommodation for seagoing vessels. 2. a town or city at such a place. noun 1. a port or harbour accessible to seagoing vessels 2. a town or city located at such a place

  • Sea-power

    noun 1. naval strength. 2. a nation that possesses formidable naval power. noun 1. a nation that possesses great naval strength 2. the naval strength of a country or nation

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