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a person or thing that seats.
a vehicle that seats a specified number of persons (usually used in combination):
The car is a four-seater.


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  • Seating

    noun 1. an act or instance of furnishing with, assigning, or escorting to a seat. 2. the arrangement of seats in a theater, stadium, etc. 3. material for seats, especially upholstery. adjective 4. of or relating to seats or those who are sitting: the seating plan of a theater. noun 1. something designed to support […]

  • Seatmate

    noun 1. a person who shares a seat or occupies the seat next to oneself on a bus, plane, etc.


    noun 1. an organization formed in Manila (1954), comprising Australia, Great Britain, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States, for collective defense against aggression in southeastern Asia and the southwestern Pacific: abolished in 1977. SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

  • Seat-of-the-pants

    [seet-uh v-th uh-pants] /ˈsit əv ðəˈpænts/ adjective 1. using or based on experience, instinct, or guesswork: a seat-of-the-pants management style. 2. done without the aid of instruments: The pilot made a seat-of-the-pants landing. seat-of-the-pants

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