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adjective, Physiology.
pertaining to, of the nature of, or resembling tallow or fat; fatty; greasy.
secreting a fatty substance.
of or resembling sebum, fat, or tallow; fatty
secreting fat or a greasy lubricating substance

sebaceous se·ba·ceous (sĭ-bā’shəs)

Of, resembling, or characterized by fat or sebum; fatty.

Secreting or producing fat or sebum.


Read Also:

  • Sebaceous adenoma

    sebaceous adenoma n. A benign tumor of sebaceous tissue, that has a more progressive growth and less mature structure than that exhibited in sebaceous gland hyperplasia.

  • Sebaceous cyst

    sebaceous cyst n. A harmless cyst, especially on the scalp or face, containing the fatty secretion of a sebaceous gland. Also called pilar cyst, steatocystoma, wen1.

  • Sebaceous epithelioma

    sebaceous epithelioma n. A benign tumor of the epithelium of the sebaceous gland containing primarily basal or germinal cells.

  • Sebaceous-gland

    noun 1. any of the cutaneous glands that secrete oily matter for lubricating hair and skin. sebaceous gland n. Any of the numerous holocrine glands in the dermis that empty into a hair follicle and produce and secrete sebum. Also called sebaceous follicle. sebaceous gland (sĭ-bā’shəs) Any of the glands that are found in the […]

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