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a stress accent weaker than primary accent but stronger than lack of stress.
secondary accent
(phonetics) (in a system of transcribing utterances recognizing three levels of stress) the accent on a syllable of a word or breath group that is weaker than the primary accent but stronger than the lack of stress: in the word “agriculture” the secondary accent falls on the third syllable Compare primary accent


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  • Secondary adhesion

    secondary adhesion n. See healing by second intention.

  • Secondary alcohol

    secondary alcohol n. An alcohol containing the bivalent organic radical CHOH.

  • Secondary aldosteronism

    secondary aldosteronism n. Aldosteronism due not to a defect in the adrenal cortex but to stimulation of secretion caused by extra-adrenal disorders.

  • Secondary amenorrhea

    secondary amenorrhea n. Amenorrhea in which menstruation begins at puberty but then is subsequently suppressed.

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