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Secondary dentin

secondary dentin n.
Dentin that forms normally after a root end has formed completely.


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  • Secondary dentition

    secondary dentition n. The set of 32 permanent teeth whose eruptions begin from the fifth to the seventh year, lasting until the 17th to the 23rd year, when the last of the wisdom teeth appear. The eruption of the permanent teeth. Also called permanent dentition.

  • Secondary-deviance

    noun, Sociology. 1. deviant behavior that results from being publicly labeled as deviant and treated as an outsider.

  • Secondary deviation

    secondary deviation n. The deviation of the healthy eye when an eye with a paralyzed muscle focuses on an object.

  • Secondary-diagonal

    noun 1. See under diagonal (def 9). adjective 1. Mathematics. connecting two nonadjacent angles or vertices of a polygon or polyhedron, as a straight line. extending from one edge of a solid figure to an opposite edge, as a plane. 2. having an oblique direction. 3. having oblique lines, ridges, markings, etc. noun 4. a […]

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