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noun, Psychiatry.
any advantage, as increased attention, disability benefits, or release from unpleasant responsibilities, obtained as a result of having an illness (distinguished from primary gain).

secondary gain n.
Interpersonal or social advantages gained indirectly from organic illness, such as an increase in attention from others.


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  • Secondary glaucoma

    secondary glaucoma n. Glaucoma occurring as a sequel to preexisting ocular disease or injury.

  • Secondary gout

    secondary gout n. A disorder having the symptoms of gout and resulting from increased levels of uric acid in the blood brought about by a previously acquired disease of the blood or bone marrow, by lead poisoning, or by renal failure.

  • Secondary-group

    noun, Sociology. 1. a group of people with whom one’s contacts are detached and impersonal.

  • Secondary-growth

    noun, Botany. 1. an increase in the thickness of the shoots and roots of a vascular plant as a result of the formation of new cells in the cambium. secondary growth Growth in vascular plants resulting from the production of layers of secondary tissue by a lateral meristem (the cork cambium or the vascular cambium). […]

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