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Secondary key

A candidate key which is not selected as a primary key.


Read Also:

  • Secondary lysosome

    secondary lysosome n. A lysosome formed by the combination of a primary lysosome and a phagosome or pinosome and in which lysis takes place through the activity of hydrolytic enzymes.

  • Secondary-market

    noun, Stock Exchange. 1. the market that exists for an issue after large blocks of shares have been publicly distributed.

  • Secondary-memory

    noun, Computers. 1. secondary storage. secondary storage noun, Computers. 1. storage, as on disk or tape, supplemental to and slower than main storage, not under the direct control of the CPU and generally contained outside it: Secondary storage for this system is contained on videodisk. noun a slower, less expensive type of computer memory that […]

  • Secondary meristem

    secondary meristem See lateral meristem.

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