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noun, Pathology.
the second stage of syphilis, characterized by eruptions of the skin and mucous membrane.

secondary syphilis n.
The second stage of syphilis, beginning with the appearance of the dermatologic eruption, slight fever, and various constitutional symptoms.


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  • Secondary-tissue

    noun, Botany. 1. tissue derived from cambium.

  • Secondary tuberculosis

    secondary tuberculosis n. Tuberculosis occurring in adults and characterized by lesions near the apex of an upper lobe of the lung that may cavitate or heal with scarring; it may be result from reinfection with the tubercle bacillus or from reactivation of a dormant endogenous infection.

  • Secondary tympanic membrane

    secondary tympanic membrane n. The membrane closing the fenestra of the cochlea of the ear. Also called Scarpa’s membrane.

  • Secondary union

    secondary union n. See healing by second intention.

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