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pertaining to secretion.
performing the process of secretion.
noun, plural secretories.
a secretory organ, vessel, or the like.
of, relating to, or producing a secretion: a secretory cell, secretory function

secretory se·cre·to·ry (sĭ-krē’tə-rē)
Relating to or performing secretion.


Read Also:

  • Secretory carcinoma

    secretory carcinoma n. Carcinoma of the breast composed of cells that are highly secretory; it occurs primarily in children.

  • Secretory duct

    secretory duct n. See salivary duct.

  • Secretory nerve

    secretory nerve n. A nerve conveying impulses that excite functional activity in a gland.

  • Secretory otitis media

    secretory otitis media n. Inflammation of the mucosa of the middle ear, often the result of obstruction of the eustachian tube and accompanied by an accumulation of fluid. Also called serous otitis.

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