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a uniformed guard employed by a bank, airport, office building, etc., to maintain security.
security guard
a person employed to protect buildings, people, etc, and to collect and deliver large sums of money


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  • Security of tenure

    noun 1. (in Britain) the right of a tenant to continue to occupy a dwelling or site unless the landlord obtains a court order for possession of the property or termination of the tenancy agreement

  • Security-police

    noun 1. a police force responsible for maintaining order at a specific locale or under specific circumstances, as at an airport or factory. 2. a police force concerned with detecting and preventing enemy espionage. 3. secret police.

  • Security-risk

    noun 1. a person considered by authorities as likely to commit acts that might threaten the security of a country. security risk noun 1. a person deemed to be a threat to state security in that he could be open to pressure, have subversive political beliefs, etc noun a person or situation that poses a […]

  • Security-thread

    noun 1. a colored thread running through the paper of a piece of paper money, used to deter counterfeiting.

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