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of, relating to, or of the nature of sediment.
Geology. formed by the deposition of sediment, as certain rocks.
characteristic of, resembling, or containing sediment
(of rocks) formed by the accumulation and consolidation of mineral and organic fragments that have been deposited by water, ice, or wind Compare igneous, metamorphic
Relating to rocks formed when sediment is deposited and becomes tightly compacted. Depending on the origin of the sediments they contain, sedimentary rocks are classified as clastic sedimentary rocks, chemical sedimentary rocks, or evaporites. Sandstone and conglomerate, for example, consist of fragments of broken preexisting rocks or minerals and are classified as clastic sedimentary rocks. Limestone forms from the precipitation of calcium carbonate through water and is classified as a chemical sedimentary rock. Gypsum and halite deposits form through the evaporation of mineral-rich water and are classified as evaporites.


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