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a recreation in which two children alternately ride up and down while seated at opposite ends of a plank balanced at the middle.
a plank or apparatus for this recreation.
an up-and-down or a back-and-forth movement or procedure.
Whist. a crossruff.
moving up and down, back and forth, or alternately ahead and behind:
It was a seesaw game with the lead changing hands many times.
verb (used without object)
to move in a seesaw manner:
The boat seesawed in the heavy sea.
to ride or play on a seesaw.
to keep changing one’s decision, opinion, or attitude; vacillate.
verb (used with object)
to cause to move in a seesaw manner.
a plank balanced in the middle so that two people seated on the ends can ride up and down by pushing on the ground with their feet
the pastime of riding up and down on a seesaw

an up-and-down or back-and-forth movement
(as modifier): a seesaw movement

(intransitive) to move up and down or back and forth in such a manner; oscillate


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