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  • Sefer

    noun (Judaism) 1. the scrolls of the Law In full sefer torah 2. any book of Hebrew religious literature

  • Seferiades

    noun 1. Giorgos Stylianou [yawr-gaws stee-lyah-noo] /ˈyɔr gɔs ˌsti lyɑˈnu/ (Show IPA), (Giorgos Seferis) 1900–71, Greek poet and diplomat: Nobel Prize in literature 1963.

  • Seferis

    noun 1. George. pen name of Georgios Seferiades. 1900–71, Greek poet and diplomat: Nobel prize for literature 1963

  • Sefer-torah

    noun, plural Sifrei Torah [Sephardic Hebrew see-frey taw-rah; Ashkenazic Hebrew si-frey toh-ruh, toi-ruh] /Sephardic Hebrew siˈfreɪ tɔˈrɑ; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈsɪ freɪ ˈtoʊ rə, ˈtɔɪ rə/ (Show IPA). English, Sefer Torahs. Hebrew. 1. Sepher Torah.

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