Seed capital

(finance) a small amount of capital required to finance the research necessary to produce a business plan for a new company

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  • Seed capsule

    /ˈsiːdˌkeɪs/ noun 1. the part of a fruit enclosing the seeds; pericarp

  • Seedcase

    noun 1. a seed capsule; pericarp.

  • Seed-coat

    noun, Botany. 1. the outer integument of a seed. noun 1. the nontechnical name for testa seed coat The outer protective covering of a seed. The seed coat develops from the integument of the ovule. Also called testa.

  • Seed-coral

    noun 1. coral fragments used for jewelry. noun 1. small pieces of coral used in jewellery, etc

  • Seed-corn

    noun 1. ears or kernels of corn set apart as seed. noun 1. the good quality ears or kernels of corn that are used as seed 2. assets or investments that are expected to provide profits in the future

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